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The easiest way how to obtain cash now is to get back one's own money from one's debtors. If your company keeps record of overdue receivables, which also poses a threat to liquidity of your company or which may hinder from development of its further development, our company provides you with an offer of its professional services based on experience and efficiency of enforcement of receivables from a broad portfolio of debtors.

Our principal objective is to discharge you from necessary lengthy and expensive communication with your debtors and thus let you use your money on your core business.

Another advantage of this solution is that the commission fee and thus your costs of recovering debts depend exclusively on the amount enforced by us.

Based on the above reasons, let us offer to you our services for solution of your receivables and we believe that such cooperation will lead to mutual satisfaction and your better economic performance.
In order to better identify your needs, we will be pleased to meet you in person and discuss particular details of mutual cooperation.

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